Friday, 24 May 2013

Vintage Inpired Wedding Dresses

Today i want to share these stunning Vintage inspired wedding photos from WANT THAT WEDDING . the wedding dresses are very 1920s style, lots of Organza, lots of Sequinned and Pearls and Silks- The  ultimate 1920s glamour.

I love the 1920s- it is the decade when fashion took a bigger leap, liberating women to be more adventures and free of past restriction. The Bob cut Hair is also a major 1920s style, this is when women bobbed or cut their hair to allow the the popular Cloche hats to fit perfectly:

For the creative and adventurers bride a vintage wedding gives you the opportunity to instil your personal touch and present your guests with an occasion they will never forget. I know who I am going to for a vintage inspired wedding, when the day comes. Being in-love is such a beautiful feeling, a romantic vintage themed wedding would be just the icing on the cake.

Stunning images from Want that wedding.

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