Friday, 31 May 2013

Project Shabby Chic Dresser,

Summer Last year i went out in search of a beautiful Dresser where i can display just a few of my Vintage Tea Cup Trio collection. In a way i was searching for a new project, a furniture piece with character.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Beautiful Antique (W&HS EP) Silver Plated Tea Set

The Set
Hi Vintage Collectors,
Lovely Thursday isn't it? 
I can not believe how quick the week has gone. i hope you are all enjoying yourselves. it might be dull outside but its not that cold and its not raining :D. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Classic Cloche Hat

The Cloche Hat was invented in 1908 by a milliner called Caroline Reboux; the hat was made out of felt so that it conformed to the shape of the wearers head. It became popular around the 1920s until around 1933. The name cloche is derived from the french word Bell.

Exquisite & Most Expensive Vintage Handbags to go on Auction

Any one looking for a stunning Vintage clutch or hand bag for this weekend? something exquisite that will complete you whole look. I tend to browse through Ebay, Etsy or Preloved to find something really unique and different.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Vintage Inpired Wedding Dresses

Today i want to share these stunning Vintage inspired wedding photos from WANT THAT WEDDING . the wedding dresses are very 1920s style, lots of Organza, lots of Sequinned and Pearls and Silks- The  ultimate 1920s glamour.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Charming Friendship Bracelets & Key Chains

I was looking for a present to buy my niece, when on Etsy i stumbled on this charming bracelets from Shannon's Handmade Friendship Bracelets. They are made by a Stay at home mum who has a gorgeous little  4 year daughter.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vintage Moriage Roses 22kt gold

Now, I have not heard of this make and pattern before, its really pretty, has intricate patterns gilded in gold 22kt, Roses delicately painted on them. 

I love the mix of colours used on the flowers,- purple orange and Green. Also this is another footed cup;  

Copeland and Garret Footed Cup and Saucer (Duo)

I am very excited to tell you about my latest additions to my teacup collection. I was hunting the last few days for something different and I came across a Coperland & Garret teacup duo (unfortunately Duo), my focus is on Trios (cup, saucer, and sideplate), but there was something different about this duo, and any way here comes another adventure searching for the cake plate which I hope to find at some point.
History: Link

Monday, 20 May 2013

Day Trip to Hassocks to Upper Beeding

Walking is another of my many passions.  I have been doing this for 2 years now, mostly around spring summer and autumn time. I have been out walking in winter as well last year- which is something i never did before- I wanted to be out walking in the snow, there are amazing scenery as long as you wrap up warm and have on you waterproofs and right shoes. Never forget your camera... :D

Vintage (not very) Kitchen Accessory

Whilst out enjoying the lovely warm weekend,- (when i say warm i mean it has been better than the last few weeks or rain and cold)- i found a lovely Harvey Nichols Cook book stand, it must be a 1990s kitchen accessory so not very old. Its quite strange that i spotted it because it is this heavy cast iron thing shaped like a tree. I actually walked past it like twice but it kept catching my eye so i decided to satisfy my curiosity and enquired about it.

Fashion Spots

I would like to do little bits of street fashion whilst on my errands  but i always wondered how people feel when they are asked if they can spare a minute to have their picture taken by some random person on the street.:D

Vintage Fashion Event: Hammersmith Town Hall

The vintage Fashion event was held at the Hammersmith Town Hall on Sunday 19th May 2013: I hurried there after the car-booty at Battersea Park; missing this event was not an option.

Vintage Hunt at Battersea Park

Yesterday (sunday) was such a beautiful day,  -warm weather, sunshine, good moods all around. Woke up full of energy and was looking forward to going to the Battersea Park Car Booty. It was my first time there: I have always been loyal to my regular car-booties, but the change paid off because there was lots of amazing items

Firstly what you need to know when you get there is the queue outside the gate. I tell you this car-booty is popular. All I can say is thank God it wasn't raining, whilst queuing, I saw  a man crossing the road with a gorgeous round vintage mirror, and I was thinking damn – all the good stuff will be gone by the time I get in there. 

Project Shabby Chic Picture Frame.

This was the project that got me hooked, after this frame my projects got bigger and bigger, sometimes i would ask myself what in God's name have i got myself into.

Alexandra Palace Art Deco Vintage Fair

The last Antique fair i attended was in Alexandra Palace in north London, I really enjoyed this. The smell of old things STRANGELY smelt nice. Could be the sensory confusion going on in my head, when you just enter the exhibition.

Pretty Regency Royal Stafford Trio

I love Teacup Trios, when collecting, sometimes Duos - (Teacup and saucer) do not make sense to me, unless it is really valuable.

In this picture we have a Regency Royal Stafford est 1845. Weirdest thing is i don't even like blue. But look at that pattern and mix of colours, Its a Must have and is worth the Find

1950s Fur Poncho and Matching Hand Bag

I went to the Alexandra Palace Vintage Fair and found some beautiful 1950s vintage Fur poncho and Handbag from Gigi's Dressing Room.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

French style Shabby Chic kitchen

Love Love Love This French style Shabby Chic Kitchen By Kate Byer. It can bring out the chef in anybody.  its the kind of kitchen you would actually love to cook in, draws out any culinary skills that you have. x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Welcome to JiJJy's Vintage

Hey Guys,
Welcome to the lovely world of JiJJy's vintage.
This is my first posting, i am nervously excited. :D